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Hanley Consulting & Training Coaching Services

"Giving you forward motion to achive your goals".

 “Fear is the absence of trust” (Oswald, 2008)

Coaching Methodology

The coaching methodology employed by Hanley Consulting and Training is designed to create an environment for our clients to grow, shift and achieve their potential by creating an action plan to suit them and their lifestyle.

This will not be achieved by telling our clients what to do and asking them to change, but through the use of powerful questioning techniques, coaching tools coupled with a coaching dialogue with no ambiguities and solid practical and academic background.

We will assist our clients to achieve what they really want, providing fieldwork, new things to try, different perspectives and encouragement to help them stay focused.

Coaching benefits:

Coaching services provided by Hanley Consulting & Training will enable clients to achieve fulfilling results, deepen their learning, improve their performance, and enhance their quality of life.  In addition, our coaching services accelerates client progress by providing greater focus and awareness and concentrates on where the person is now and where they want to be and helps uncover permanent solutions.


Just a few client comments

“I now feel more positive in matches, before I used think about what can go wrong here, now I think about what can go right”. Joe Delaney (Professional Snooker Player)

“Seamus has always been honest and punctual, is a man of action, says he will do something, it’s done the next time. The coaching sessions have really helped me to focus in particular and as a result my performances have improved”. Fergal O’ Brien (Professional Snooker Player)

Other clients include: business managers, school privcipal, and GAA teams, managers and group coaching sessions 

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