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- Manual Handling Course

Manual Handling Course Structure
A four hour practical workshop followed by a practical assessment in manual handling in accordance with the health and safety regulations.

Who should attend?

Manual handling applies to all persons who are involved in the lifting, putting down pushing, pulling, or carrying of loads regardless fo weight and size. Each course is tailor made to suite the individual(s) work place.

Learning Outcomes

-Understand the reasons for legislation and regulations

-Explain the proper techniques when lifting and carrying.

-Be able to assess a load before handling it.

-Illustrate the limitations of the musculo-skeletal system.

-Demonstrate the consequences of incorrect lifting, putting down, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving.

Prerequisite Skills

Course Content
Module 1:
Introduction and Legislation in relation to manual handling.

Module 2: Biomechanics of the spine and muscles and how injuries occur from manual handling.

Module 3: Guidance on fitness for task (physical, mental, practical).

Module 4: Principles fo ergonomics, and lifting, mechanical handling and injuries.

Module 5: Manual Handling hazards, recognizing hazardous loads, information on measures to avoid or reduce manual handling.

Module 6: Good handling techniques, practice at applying these techniques, procedures for dealing with unfamiliar loads, instruction on appropriate PPE.

Module 7: Instruction on the maintenance of the workplace in a safe condition during manual handling.

Revision, assessment and questionnaire.

Candidates will receive a certificate of attendance

Course Fees
The course fee is €55 per participant and special group rates. Inclusive of course material.

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