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Below is a selection of things participants liked most about/comments regarding the training delivered by Hanley Consulting & Training. This feedback covers a selection from all our management, safety health and welfare etc from a number of local Authorities to our private sector clients.

- A very educated person and having a great knowledge of what he was saying.

- Informative, good notes and easy to understand.

- Interesting and thought provoking.

- Instructor was clear, time efficient and interesting and gave good practical examples to illustrate the message and involved trainees throughout.

- It was very obvious that Seamus through his own personal experiences and learning had a very good understanding about how managers should manage.

-To the point.

- Easy to listen to and very informative.

- Very clear instructor who was engaging and practical.

- I found the course very interesting & relevant. The content of the course could be used every day, the instructor was also very interesting.

- Interaction between tutor and students.

- The most interesting I have ever attended or participated in. I wouldn’t fill this otherwise. Identifies what a person’s priorities should be and what is the best approach to work, people and life.

- Very clearly and articulately delivered.

- Instructors method of communication.

- Honesty of instructor.

- A lot had been learned today on this course as a manager.

- The approach of getting all involved by having short interviews and made everyone feel at ease.

- Learned more about myself.

- Made me think about my action and the way you approach both the job and people.

- Different approach to training, very effective and relevant delivered by a very good instructor.  

- Materials and instructor easy to follow.

- Presentation of content.

- Good rapport and communication between trainer and trainees.

- Raised awareness.

- The content of the module and the manner it was taught.

- Good group participation.

- I found the lecturer very knowledgeable and he got his point across quite well. Very interesting and I was engaged during the whole day.

- Very good confident speaker.

- Importance of pre-planning with high regard to safety and trying to prevent a hazard instead of controlling it.

- Good format , well run and kept the class alert and active.

- Completely different approach on the aspects on how to tackle problems and how to analyse situations with new methods.

- Speaker was sincere on the subject matter.

"...A major portion of our success in such a competitive industry has been the result of the systems of control you drafted and implemented for us."

---Paudie O' Connor, Managing Director,
Rhyno Mills

"...Thank you very much for your consultation and guidance."
---Frank Wilson, Managing Director,
Ceramicx Ireland

"...On behalf of Roches Feeds, I would like to congratulate and thank you for your assistance in our achievement of the ISO 9002 Certification."
---Paul Hennesey, Quality Manager
Roches Feeds

"...It has been a pleasure working with you and I would not hesitate to recommend you."
---John Ryan, Quality/Mill Manager,
Centenary Co-op

Other Clients

  • Mayo County Council
  • Sligo county council
  • Galway city council
  • Roscommon county council
  • Longford county council
  • Kerry County Council 

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